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According to your best judgement, how’s your current e-commerce website doing? Is it able to get a desired quantity of customers every day? Do they place orders frequently?

However, if none of these is aligned with your expectations, your e-commerce platform needs a serious review and maybe, a good makeover.

Your successful online store must integrate with your existing operations and marketing platforms. That's why we're specialists in deciphering jargon and integrating your e-commerce store with inventory management systems, accounting apps, CRM, loyalty programmes, marketing automation, and other sales channel websites.

An e-commerce store that seamlessly syncs with your business processes will make your life so much easier: you'll have a single point of truth for product data and stock numbers, you'll be able to analyse and report on results in real-time, and you'll be able to send automated messages to customers at precisely the right time. We’re here to make this all true in real life.

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While planning any new eCommerce project, there are some Key Questions we will always ask Ourselves and our clients.

  • Which market problem are you looking to resolve?
  • Which market segments will your business cater to i.e., mass-market; med-premium; premium; niche?
  • How do you think your product/service offerings are different from the competition?

E-Commerce Mobile APPs Services

The recent survey data across suggests large part of the Internet users access it via Mobile phones which is why Mobile APPs become even more important for a brand’s digital portfolio. When it comes to our team of experts, we work on the latest Mobile APP technologies including React Native and Flutter to offer the end user an experience worth exploring.


E-commerce Solution

eCommerce website offerings have changed drastically over the years since the users have become more demanding in terms of experience as most eCommerce platforms these days offer a very well-connected user experience, the user is guided with ease through each step. We develop such platforms to offer your customers an amazing experience.


E-commerce Solution

B2B eCommerce on the other hand is completely different from the B2C offerings since a completely different pricing strategy comes into play enhancing the business buying experience. B2B eCommerce offers an even better experience considering the fact that the transaction is happening between business entities which is why the overall journey has to have a well-connected approach throughout.


E-Commerce Solution

A software system that manages the end-to-end functioning of the online and offline processes of a large business entity. It is designed in such a way that all the activities performed under the business right from raw material sourcing to production to logistics and finally sales at the POS is being tracked within one system.


E-Commerce Solution with CRM

This is one of its kind solutions that is completely dependent upon your business, whether fulfilling your customers’ needs is thought-through approach or you still haven’t arrived to a conclusion? We are here to guide you throughout the strategy>> development>> deployment>> reaching out to customers with a customer eCommerce solution with CRM integration in it.


E-commerce Solution

Unlike any other team of developers, we believe each marketplace is different and should offer an extra element from what is being offered already in the market or else it will not be able to attract sellers and customers. Even before we start developing a platform, we brainstorm with you to identify about what is that one thing that separates you from the crowd?


E-commerce Solution

While developing a multivendor marketplace we first focus upon the primary audiences which is vendors of course. Once the vendors are attracted to any multivendor marketplace then it requires relatively less effort for the platform to attract customers. So, while planning for your next multivendor marketplace, always design the vendor panel with a well thought approach.


Booking Platforms Solution

Booking platforms must ensure returning customers enjoy the high level of experience each time they visit. We have a history of developing and running multiple booking platforms for our clients. Not only the development part but also the negotiations with the 3rd party resources like Payment Gateways, SMS APIs, Booking engines etc. are taken care of at our end.


Here are some of the industry’s coolest eCommerce
solutions from our great team!

Working on some of our client’s eCommerce projects have been a great experience for us as well. Each project doesn’t only let us deliver a great solution but we also advise 100 other avenues to avoid while launching a great business.

eCommerce Solutions are backed
by some of the latest technologies
at The Tech Tales

We use the latest technologies for eCommerce website and Mobile App development. Being the consumer eccentric eCommerce development company, we work round the clock to deliver our project on time.

This Is How We Create Solutions
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We are an end-to-end Digital Marketing agency offering services falling under Digital Media, whether you need a content based introductory website or a database driven eCommerce website or any complex business web solution to digitize your business processes and maximize the productivity of your team and then taking care of all other digital services like social media marketing.

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Strategic at the core

We strongly believe that strategizing is the most important aspect, so we first of all strategize a full proof communication plan before starting execution.

Designer’s Approach

Best dressed websites are hard to come by, our team of designers will work with you to deliver the best.

Development in the DNA

We understand development is the most critical stage that projects what the users will enjoy, which is why a pool of developers work 24/7 to keep your website up & running.

We hold your hands

Our consultants help you hire and build a team of professionals for your next big product to take its shape.

New Age Marketing

For any business, the most lucrative marketing is digital marketing. Right from your brand awareness to your social media channels to your ROI driven display advertising we’ve got you covered.

Web Technologies we love working on

Our team of highly efficient engineers love working on various coding languages that includes Node, Angular, React, Laravel, MongoDB, HTML5, PHP, ASP.NET and Wordpress. As far as the front-end technologies are concerned we undertake CSS3, Magento, CMS and object modeling.

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